Being a Drive thru worker

Yes I work fast food.  Honestly the job is not as bad as most of us often make it out to be, It is stressful at times.. I feel there are some things people should know. I don’t even know where to start so I’m going to just ramble and if i repeat something I’m sorry..

First off and fore most when you pull up to the speaker to order your food, it makes a beep in our headset you don’t need to pull up and scream hello in my ear. It really is not necessary.  Even if we are not speaking to you because you decided to come through and ask to hold on because your are not ready to order.. honestly you should be ready to order when you hit the ordering point.  If you don’t know what you want feel free to park in one of those parking spaces located outside of the restaurant.


Now for  My next gripe do not bitch at me when you order 40 plus dollars of food and then I ask you to please pull forward because I need to park you, or if you are at the counter and we say sorry it’s going to be a few mins, Our UHC cabinets are only so big and can only hold so much food. When we are busy it sometimes does take a while. remember it’s fast food not instant.

Do not be disrespectful ans swear at me or any of the workers at what ever establishment you may be at. Cuz one it makes you look like a pompous ass plus it just pisses everyone off and when the grill team ( ya know the people that are making your food) tend to slow down because they don’t appreciate it when you treat us like crap.


Free Money

Some of you maybe interested in joining on with the amazon review thing, Even though they have changed their TOS. Have no fear. The sellers that we have worked hard with and been loyal to are still with us, Prices may have gone up a bit but you can get free money over at insta GC. All it takes is a few mins of your time, so when your stuck waiting at a drs appointment or have a few mins to kill while kids are at practice take a few mins complete a survey or offer and earn points 100 points = a buck and that is the lowest you can cash out, I just spent 30 mins doing it to get the 3 bucks i need for jasmines hat we were offered, heck some of the surveys she can do as they are geared to kids/teens television viewing habits

My Day so Far

What is it with my kids today, I sound like a broken record player on repeat  that has been going all day. I”m guessing they really don’t want to go to Knoebles today . For those of you that don’t know Knoebles is a local free admissions amusement park . It’s local and so much cheaper then places like six flags, They have some top notch roller coasters there. I’m just hoping the rain holds off. The place is going to be packed since it is opening day. Provided we even get there. I swear alien must have abducted and replaced my children.

Jasmine is going to be 13 in August and she acts like she is going on 30. Khloe is 6 going on 26. Jeremiah is 11 and hot dang his mouth is just running and running not stop today like he is the little boss. Krystyna is going to be 1o in exactly 1 month form today. She is my memorial day Baby.  So much meaning for us on that day. I have family that serve in the military.  Well i better get going and get them kicked into high gear so they get done what they were asked to do. I know i’m personally looking forward to riding the impulse

Cant forget about the twister

Open Letter to Oklahoma Voters and Lawmakers

This teacher nails it all on the head, and these problems are not just out west in Oklahoma they are every where

Steven E. Wedel

I am a teacher. I teach English at the high school of an independent district within Oklahoma City. I love my job. I love your kids. I call them my kids. I keep blankets in my room for when they’re cold. I feed them peanut butter crackers, beef jerky, or Pop Tarts when Michelle Obama’s school breakfast or lunch isn’t enough to fill their bellies. I comfort them when they cry and I praise them when they do well and always I try to make them believe that they are somebody with unlimited potential no matter what they go home to when they leave me.

What do they go home to? Sometimes when they get sick at school they can’t go home because you and the person you’re currently shacking up with are too stoned to figure out it’s your phone ringing. Sometimes they go home to parents who don’t…

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Craft 4 kids liquid chalk markers

These markers are amazing. The kids love them, did i mention they came with a ton of stickers that are like a black chalk board in design and feel. All you have do is shake the marker in the upright position, then i flipped em upside down and pressed the tip in letting the air out and the liquid to flow to the top. You get 8 very bright vibrant colors and they write smoothly. My daughter loves them because she can use them with her chalk stencils much easier then she can the regular side walk chalk. Mommy likes them because their hands don’t get as messy with these markers because the liquid never really touches their hands.  5 Stars all the way. What a great product, Check em out

Ipad Air Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Ipad and Ipad Air 1-2 Sentey®

Another Great find thanks to #sentey #senteypoweruser #Koraza9hTablet. This is a higher grade screen protector, with nice smooth rounded edges that align nicely, it is stronger and more durable then the regular pet flim most protector are made from, it is chemically treated so that it cleans easily and it’s waterproof, scratch resistant anti fringer print use it as a mirror if you need its not tacky and sticky like some other screen protectors, it doesnt’ mess with the sensitivity of the touch screen at all, can’t wait to get another one to put on my i pad air when it comes back from the shop, this one is going on my kids i pad, and good thing it did because it is also delivers impact protection, she knocked her i pad and it landed screen down, not a mark on it, how awesome is that